The Purple Pet Centre


Purple Pet centre pet room

Welcome to our website, we regularly update our livestock lists but please telephone us to ensure the pet required has not been sold already.

We endeavour to supply quality stock from all the major brands to you at very competitive prices. However we are a large, independent pet centre, not an online retailer. From us, you will receive excellent advice and service, we are here to speak to, telephone or always available on our Facebook page.

We reserve the right to refuse sale of livestock if proof of suitable setup is not available. We offer a dual price system regarding our animals. We substantially reduce the price of our livestock when purchasing our setup.

We have over 40 years of combined experience and we carry over 3,000 lines of pet products, poultry, wild bird feeds, livestock and tropical plants for terrariums and aquarium plus pond and garden plants.

We specialise in Reptile Livestock, fresh tubs of crickets, locusts and other livefoods, supplies, and reptile equipment but also cater for all your pets at home. As one of the largest independent pet centres in the country, our stock of small furries, often includes the more exotic mammals including Sugar gliders, Duprasi, African pygmy Dormice, African Pygmy Hedgehogs. From Easter, our Point of Lay Hybrid hens are available. These are all point of lay and fully vaccinated. We also have a variety of hand reared parrots, cage and aviary birds available.

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