African Pygmy Dormice (Graphiurus Murinus) measure around 15cm including tail and as their large eyes suggest, are nocturnal. They are most active at dusk and dawn. They are only semi-sociable although there are beginning to be hand-tame African Pgymy Dormice. The majority will still be quite wild and due to their speed and agility, handling should be done with great care.

They are also known as Microsquirrels, African Dwarf Dormice, Woodland Dormouse, and sometimes Egyptian dormouse. African Pygmy Dormice belong to the family Gliridae and are closely related to rats and mice. Unlike true mice, dormice have fur on the insides of their ears and on their bushy tails which may be due to the need to conserve heat during hibernation.

African Pygmy Dormice have a body length of roughly 9cm and another 7cm for their tail and are incredibly quick and agile. They have an average lifespan of 4-6 years.

They are colony animals and must be kept with company of their own kind, although like many rodents territory disputes can happen. They make a variety of twittering and bird-like sounds. African Pygmy Dormice kept alone, or only in pairs, may be shyer and less active than a larger colony.


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